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Game View is hidden after undocking, starting and stopping

Window management


1) What happened

Editor - Game View: When undocking, starting and stopping the Play Mode makes the Game View hides behind the Hierarchy Pane. It is reproducable in all the different layouts. Please see attached screen shot for details.

2) How can we reproduce it using the example you attached.

- Open the attached project
- If the Game View is present on the layout then close this tab
- Set the Layout to '2 by 3' or '4 split'
- Press 'cmd + 2' to open a free floating Game View
- Enlarge the Game View and place it somewhere in the middle of the editor
- Press the yellow button to minimize the Game View
- Press Play to play the scene
- Stop the Play mode
- Observe how the Game View is partly hidden behind the different views in the editor

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