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Fix doc and typo in Scene TemplatePipeline

Scene Template


Repro steps:
- Create a scene template in project browser
- Select a Scene template in project browser
- In inspector in the SceneTemplater pipeline section see that the info box has a typo saying Monoscript instead of Mono Script.

How to improve the workflow:
- Fix typo in info box.
- Add a button next to the Object field to create a new SceneTemplatePipeline next to the current SceneTemplate
- Add a right click menu to be able to create a SceneTemplatePipeline (similar to creating a new script).
- Add a documentation button next to the Mono Script object field that would link to the documentation page for ScriptTemplatePipeline (
- Add a relevant example in the Doc (see code in Tests/EditAndPlayModeTests/SceneTemplate/Assets/Editor/DummySceneTemplatePipeline.cs

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