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Failed to receive dispatch signal. status=-11 on Kindle Fire



On Kindle Fire (first generation) the "Failed to receive dispatch signal. status=-11" error is constantly printed out in the log when the screen is touched. This is reproducible even with an empty project. The regression was introduced in Unity 4.1.3f3 and is still present in Unity 4.3.0b5.

Tested on:
Amazon Kindle Fire (blaze, first generation) with Android 2.3.4

Tested with:
Unity Version 4.1.3f3 (9174d583c97b)

This happens on many devices with buggy event queues. Affected devices with previous to Jelly Bean Android OS. It is not possible to get rid of this message without causing deadlock situation on various devices.

Unity 5 is no longer bound to the native activity. Applications still forcing a native activity may still experience this behavior.

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