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Event viewer shows multiple entries for the same operation.

Package: Addressables


1. Open the attached project

2. Open scene "SampleScene"

3. Press play

4. Notice that there are 2 GetTableEntryOperations when there should only be 1. The operation TString changes overtime which seems to confuse the event viewer. 

5. Import the localization package into the project(so you can make code changes) and modify the ToString method in Packages\com.unity.localization\Runtime\Operations\GetTableEntryOperation.cs so that it is "\{GetType().Name}". Notice how there is now only 1 operation in the event viewer.



  1. Resolution Note:

    We're actually going to be replacing the event viewer with a proper Profiler module. The Profiler module should be available in Addressables 1.21.3+ and Unity Editor 2022.2+. There's some new features in that version of the editor and newer that we can take advantage of to make this happen.

    The event viewer won't be removed for a while, but we aren't able to prioritize bugs on this at the moment

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