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Error when use TextMeshPro Font Assets with Localized Property Variants

Package: Localization




1. Install Localization and create 2 locale: eng (en) and thai (th)
2. Create 2 Localization tables: AssetTable: assets and StringTable: texts
3. Create 1 UI TextMeshPro
4. Use Localization Scene Control to change Text and Font Asset for UI TextMeshPro.
5. In Addressables Group > Play Mode Script > Use Existing Build
6. In Addressables Group > Build > New Build > Default Build Script
And when Click Play On Editor, i change language and got error.

* If i only change text and don't change Font Asset for TextMeshPro. It will work without error.
* If i use Unity Localization v1.1.1, v1.2.1, and change both text and Font Asset for TextMeshPro. It will work without error.

So i think this is error for Unity Localization v1.3.1

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