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Entity System stops to work when the class name exceeds 37 characters

Package: Entity Component System (ECS)


How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project's "" Scene labeled "Scene"
2. Enter the Play Mode
3. Observe the Game View
4. Exit the Play Mode
5. Add one letter to the "AReallyLongNamedClassOrNamespaceSystem" Script's class (make sure that the Script's and Class name match)
6. Enter the Play Mode
7. Observe the Game View (If the Editor crashes, reopen the project)

Expected result: Entity System is working
Actual result: Entity System stops working when the class name is too long

Reproducible with: 2019.3.6f1, 2020.1.0b3, 2020.2.0a5 (0.6.0-preview.24, 0.8.0-preview.8)
Couldn't test with Unity: 2017.4.38f1 (Package Manager does not exist), 2018.4.20f1 (0.0.12-preview.2, 0.0.12-preview24)
Couldn't test with Packages: 0.0.12-preview.2, 0.5.1-preview.11 (SystemBase class does not exist)

Note: Issue doesn't reproduce with a name that is up to 37 characters

  1. Resolution Note:

    Closing as "by design". We could arguably change our string comparison function used to sort unconstrained system, but really the important thing is that the sort is deterministic, not that it's predictable. Projects that require a specific system ordering should not rely on the implementation of the tiebreaker function; they should use UpdateBefore/UpdateAfter to impose explicit ordering constraints.

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