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Entering Play mode with a component Edit Tool selected deselects that tool

Inspector Framework


To reproduce:

1. Open Unity, create a new project and open it
2. Create Cube or other gameObject and select it
3. Attach a Cloth, Box Collider, Light Probe Group or any other component with a built-in Scene Edit toot to that GameObject
4. Select one of the Edit tools in the Component
5. Enter play mode
6. Exit play mode
Note: Observe that the tool has been deselected and has to be selected again to be used

- This issue appears on Windows and OSX
- This does not happen with Unity's built-in Transform tools (Move, Rotate, Scale, etc)

Reproduced on Unity 5.5.5p1, 5.6.4p2, 2017.1.2p2, 2017.2.0p1, 2017.3.0b8 and 2018.1.0a3

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    Resolution Note:

    World Building is currently working on a new tool modes API that should solve this problem

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