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[Enlighten] Mousing-over the Inspector when Realtime GI is enabled repeatedly starts precompute tasks

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline HD



1. Download and open the repro project
2. Open the Scene ContinuousPreprocess.unity
3. Ensure that Realtime Global Illumination is enabled from the Lighting Window
4. Select the GameObject "Plane"
5. Without baking lighting, move the mouse from the Scene view to Inspector


Every time the mouse enters the Inspector pane, a preprocess (0 - 2) will start. This appears to be updating the Ambient Probe, and SkyManager is updating the sky Reflection Probe. This issue does not repro when Baked GI is used instead.


Unless the sky is actually modified, the preprocess should probably not be started. Or if it is, do it silently.


This only happens when the current Visual Environment volume component is set to Ambient Mode: Dynamic. Changing this to Static, the issue does not occur. Dynamic sky is supposed to update the ambient probe every frame in relation to changes to the sky, unsure why mousing-over the Inspector would trigger this. This can be verified by modifying the Global Volume present in the repro Scene.

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