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Enabling Non Power of 2 feature in Sprite Import Settings results into UI Image not being rendered



How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached "NPOTest" project and "NPOT" scene
2. Go to Project --> Assets folder and select "Sprite"
3. In a Sprite Import Settings change Non Power of 2 setting from None to ToNearest

Expected result: Sprite is still rendered as UI Image
Actual result: Sprite is not rendered and disappears from Source Image of Image component

Reproducible with - 2017.3.0a1, 2017.2.0b4, 2017.1.0p1, 5.6.2p4, 5.6.0p4

Fixed in - 2018.2.0a7 (Non Power of 2 is no longer exposed to user in Sprite Import Settings)

Comments (12)

  1. cozyurt_unity

    Jul 13, 2020 17:09 online petshop

  2. amitpandeyblogs

    Jun 05, 2020 19:48

  3. bcjordan

    May 04, 2018 19:12

    Re: "Fixed in - 2018.2.0a7 (Non Power of 2 is no longer exposed to user in Sprite Import Settings)"

    Does that mean this handy capability has been removed? Are there plans to re-add it?

  4. VLukianenko

    Mar 30, 2018 13:06

    That was sad to discover that this is happening in 2017.2.1f1, nice feature

  5. anthodb

    Mar 21, 2018 10:23

    Same problem in 2017.3.1f1..
    Anyone did find a fix for this?

  6. Sithdown

    Feb 21, 2018 11:45

    Same problem. Unity 2017.3.0p1.

    How can something like this be ignored for months? It's basic functionality and it's completely broken.

  7. MadeFromPolygons

    Feb 07, 2018 16:37

    Still have this. Not being able to use basic import settings for UI elements is really really frustrating.

  8. SuitMonkey

    Jan 28, 2018 21:11

    Yep, I also have this issue. However, is this the intended design?

  9. Archviz3d

    Jan 28, 2018 19:45

    Any news??

  10. mcmorry

    Jan 22, 2018 17:19

    wow... 5 months and no fix yet? Amazing...

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