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Enabling gyroscope on Samsung Note 3 adds big cpu overhead




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 2Core functionality majorly impacted

With gyroscope disabled, the CPU overhead is 4-7 ms. With gyroscope enabled the CPU overhead jumps to 20-30 ms with occasional spikes to 100-300 ms.

Reproduced on:
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (SM-N9005) with Android 4.4.2

Reproduced with:
Unity Version 4.3.4f1 (e444f76e01cd)

Comments (3)

  1. 3d7ed37646a9abf10a4eb95403948c22?d=mm


    Dec 17, 2014 22:42

    EDIT - Works well in LG G3, it's fixed. Thank you.

  2. 3d7ed37646a9abf10a4eb95403948c22?d=mm


    Dec 17, 2014 22:31

    I'm still having this issue with the LG G3.

  3. Bdde8b3ed73e136262a54e7089af9072?d=mm


    Jul 16, 2014 11:50

    Yep, same here, old Nexus7 and Nexus7 2013 are fine, Galaxy Note2 is fine, but my Note3 with 4.4.2 glitches and stutters continuously.

    I've tested this on each version of Unity since 4.3.4f1 (currently 4.5.2f1) and the problem is still apparent.

    I've also tried setting the minimum API level to all the values (9 to 19) with no difference.

    I've tried disabling multi-threaded rendering with no effect.

    I've tried setting the script execution order for the class reading the gyro to both before and after 'default time' with no effect.

    Bit of a downer as the Note3 size and resolution makes a nicer VR display than the Note2 or Nexus7.

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