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editor freezes/crashes on trying to open scene from A$ package

-e: when clicking on the scene to open it the editor freezes, the log file says:
--The file 'D:/Work/Bugs/550_A$02/Assets/Playmaker Platforming Starter Kit/Scenes/DemoLegacy.unity' - 'Assets/Playmaker Platforming Starter Kit/Scenes/DemoLegacy.unity' is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again!
[Position out of bounds!]

--open attached project or create empty and import!/content/11892
--try to open any of the demo scenes
--NOTICE editor will freeze/crash

-works on 5.4.1
-works until 5.5.0a2

-throws errors on 5.5.0a3:
--Invalid serialized file. File: "D:/[...]/Assets/Playmaker Platforming Starter Kit/Scenes/DemoLegacy.unity"
--Invalid serialized file header. File: "Assets/Playmaker Platforming Starter Kit/Scenes/DemoLegacy.unity".

-freezes/crashes starting 5.5.0a4
--freezes on Windows, crashes on OSX (see duplicate case)

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