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Editor crashes when adding a Sample Texture 2D Shader Graph node

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline HD


Steps to reproduce:
1. Open QA-supplied project ("Sample")
2. Select and open "New Shader Sub Graph" in the Assets folder
3. Add a Sample Texture 2D node

Package Manager does not display the Shader Graph package, but it reproduces with HDRP 5.10.0,
Downgrading to 5.1.0 starts throwing "NullReferenceExceptions" and disables the ability to add a Texture 2D node in the Shader Graph
Upgrading it back up to 5.3.1 starts throwing "Cannot create required material because shader is null" error, alongside "AssertionException: Assertion failure. Value was Null". Shader Graph is not interactable.
Upgrading HDRP to 5.7.2 reproduces the issue again.
Downgrading to 5.6.1 reproduces the issue

Reproduces with Shader Graph 5.6.1 in further testing by going back on the version breaks Package Manager and the Shader Graph is no longer openable.

Not reproduced in Shader Graph 4.10.0

Opening project in 2018.3.10.f1 and opening it again in 2019.1.0b8 and reimporting assets seems to fix the crashing

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