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Editor crashes on SoundManager::FlushDisposedSounds when opening a specific project



How to reproduce:
1. Open the project
2. Click No if a window pops-up asking to update AssetDatabase to V2
-- Observe the crash

Reproducible with: 2019.3.0b12
Did not test with other Unity versions since the project is 14 GB size and it takes a lot of time to upgrade/downgrade the project

Note: a message in the Editor.log was printed right before the crash occurred: "Got a SIGSEGV while executing native code. This usually indicates a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries used by your application.".

Windows OS stack trace:

0x00007FF798DFAE74 (Unity) SoundManager::FlushDisposedSounds
0x00007FF799C23678 (Unity) AudioImporter::GenerateAssetData
0x00007FF799AE1B84 (Unity) AssetDatabaseV1::ImportAsset
0x00007FF799AF53ED (Unity) AssetDatabaseV1::UpdateAsset
0x00007FF799B0B4E0 (Unity) AssetInterface::ProcessAssetsImplementation
0x00007FF799B156BE (Unity) AssetInterface::StopAssetEditing
0x00007FF799B0F722 (Unity) AssetInterface::RefreshInternal
0x00007FF799B0CA38 (Unity) AssetInterface::Refresh
0x00007FF799A93ADC (Unity) AssetDatabase::Refresh
0x00007FF7990DC2C6 (Unity) Application::InitializeProject
0x00007FF799A22A08 (Unity) WinMain
0x00007FF79C979122 (Unity) __scrt_common_main_seh
0x00007FF8F3B77974 (KERNEL32) BaseThreadInitThunk
0x00007FF8F4D1A271 (ntdll) RtlUserThreadStart

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