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[Editor] Assets don't import properly between the betas

- Projects created in 5.5.0b3 and opened in b4 or b5 don't import the materials properly (icon missing, materials can't be found when manually assigning them (AssetNotReimporting2.gif).
- Newer projects opened later in b3 exhibit the same issue, but besides materials, scenes are also exhibiting the same behavior.

Repro steps (attached project):
1. Open attached project
2. Observe the assets in the project folder.
3. Reimport any asset without an icon and observe that the issue is fixed.

Repro steps (recreating issue):
1. Create a project in 5.5.0b3
2. Open it in 5.5.0b5 (materials typically are lost here)
3. Open the same project in 5.5.0b3
4. Observe assets issues affect materials, scenes, and some texture formats.

- Regression happening between 5.5.0b3 and newer versions.
- Assets can be reimported to fix the issue.
- Issue is not purely cosmetic, materials affected by this cannot be assigned.

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