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Editor 2019 & 2020 Spams HUB with "getOrgInfo" request every split second.



The Editor 2019 & 2020 seems to be requesting "UserOrg" info from the hub multiple times every second.
If you are logged into the hub, and you open a project in the said editor versions, Hub starts receiving an infinite request of IPC calls that asks for Logged in user Organization Information.

The calls are originated from UnityConnect & HubClient files within the editor codebase.

Recently, there has been a service incident on GCP that uncovered this issue since the hub was bombarding the Genesis endpoints aggressively, specifically Hub-V3.beta-1 since we change some internal caching of how we return data to the editor.

This issue has not been discovered in Editor 2021, and we suspect that this PR has made the fix unintentionally.

Can we please,
1 - Verify if this PR actually fixes the problem and the Editor is not requesting the same info again & again.
2 - If yes, Can we backport it to Editor 2019 & 2020 in the next release?

This bug should elevated CPU & memory usage since Editor & Hub (v3-beta) never stops talking indefinitely.

Reproduction Steps:
1 - Open Hub
2 - Login with your Unity ID into the Hub.
3 - Open a Project in the Editor
4 - Verify you are logged in to the Editor (through Hub).
5 - Once logged in, HubClient will start sending the IPC call 'OrgInfo:get`. (

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