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Editing prefabs directly in the project browser is no longer possible

Editor - Other



Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 2Core functionality majorly impacted

1: Create a prefab
2: Select the prefab in the project browser
3: Note the inspector does not show any properties or components

Expected behaviour: I can inspect and editor the prefab when selecting it in the project browser
Actual behaviour: I only see a "Open Prefab" button in the inspector

Comments (2)

  1. B6e080603adb1c2aaa32f071fbf73668?d=mm


    May 12, 2019 01:21

    Any chance of getting this implemented into 2018.4? I don't want to have to update to a completely new Unity version just to get something this minor, but extremely useful.

  2. C35b9264646fd1b72f6ccfca2622c409?d=mm


    Jan 30, 2019 00:26

    And if my prefab is a UI button? Can I modify it as before?

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