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Edit Collider needs to be clicked every time after making any small change to the collider when editing in the Prefab mode



How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project
2. Double click a prefab "Object" in the Project window to enter the Prefab mode
3. Go to Inspector window -> Polygon Collider 2D -> select Edit Collider
4. Edit collider in the Scene view

Expected: Edit Collider selection allows multiple changes to the collider
Actual: Edit Collider needs to be clicked every time after making any small change to the collider

Reproduced on: 2018.2.0x-Improved Prefabs, 2018.3.0b6, 2019.1.0a5

Note: Couldn't test on earlier versions because the feature was introduced in 2018.3

Comments (12)

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  4. 4c9c8dfee1c9aa1bdb7b203bee6f731a?d=mm


    Feb 04, 2020 18:55

    Just started happening to me. I edited my collider with no issue when I created it, but now I can't edit it without having to open the editor again every single time I move a point.

  5. E55227e8a1fe3f72fb1361d778e4d972?d=mm


    Sep 10, 2019 21:30

    Seems to still be present in 2019.2.4f1

  6. Da740e9151f01c38d4bd89d4069211b3?d=mm


    Aug 15, 2019 18:59

    This seems not to be fixed.
    At least not for me.
    Using Unity 2019.2.0f.

  7. 36d2d4c188b6ba9ce50d848a072ca27f?d=mm


    Jun 26, 2019 18:47

    If you turn off "Auto Save" this doesnt happen.

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    May 08, 2019 05:29

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  9. E313ed1c4785815a165b3bb2786511c4?d=mm


    Apr 07, 2019 01:12

    Is there any way to edit comments? xD
    My solution below requires LinQ, null propagation

  10. E313ed1c4785815a165b3bb2786511c4?d=mm


    Apr 07, 2019 01:11

    Here's an edited version that works with polygoncollider2d. It seems that PolygonCollider2DEditor has to be set to edit mode in the next "frame" rather than when its exit mode ended.

    public static void InitLoad()
    EditMode.onEditModeEndDelegate -= Collider2DEditModeFixer;
    EditMode.onEditModeEndDelegate += Collider2DEditModeFixer;

    static void Collider2DEditModeFixer(Editor editor)
    if (EditMode.editMode == EditMode.SceneViewEditMode.Collider || EditMode.IsOwner(editor)) return;

    var sel = Selection.activeGameObject;
    var cols = sel?.GetComponents<Collider2D>();
    if (cols == null || cols.Length == 0) return;

    var t = as Collider2D;
    if (t != null && (cols?.Contains(t) ?? false))
    EditorApplication.delayCall += () => EditMode.ChangeEditMode(EditMode.SceneViewEditMode.Collider, t.bounds, editor);

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