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!dest.m_MultiFrameGUIState.m_NamedKeyControlList when pressing any key



Steps to reproduce :

- import the project attached
- open the scene cheat-menu
- press play and start typing on the keyboard
- notice the errors in the console

Comments (14)

  1. jonc113

    Sep 01, 2014 20:36

    I'm using version 4.5.3, many "future releases" since 4.1.2, and still not fixed. So why is it a closed issue?

  2. deram_scholzara

    Aug 06, 2014 01:28

    I get this same message in one of my projects after running & stopping a very graphics intense scene, and then clicking on the game view while the game is no longer running. I get one of these messages for each time I click the game view, with the occasional "UNSUPPORTED" error mixed in. The UNSUPPORTED error links to some inaccessible OpenGL in what seems to be a temporary directory in my mac's Applications folder. Very odd stuff.

  3. ZimM

    May 22, 2014 16:46

    Having this problem too - console is spammed after disabling a MonoBehaviour that has OnGUI in it.
    Is this ever going to be fixed? Really, does it has to take two years to remove an annoying message? Adding a dummy OnGUI() isn't a solution at all, because I only use OnGUI occasionally in non-critical places where it can't affect performance.

  4. TopDoozer

    Mar 03, 2014 19:23

    This error does not only occur when pressing a key. I have the same error message, when i click on a gameobject.
    My scenario might be a little different. I have my OnGUI code in one script and as soon as i set enable=false on the script, i get those error messages. To be precise, i get !dest.m_MultiFrameGUIState.m_NamedKeyControlList four tuimes when i click and hold and ones more, when i release the left mouse button.
    I hope this helps determinig what is going on.

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