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Debugger in MonoDevelop deadlocks the Editor



Steps to reproduce the issue:
1. Download and open attached project.
2. Switch project target to iOS.
3. Open the project in MonoDevelop and set a breakpoint in "AppProxy.cs" line 50 (Start() method).
4. Attach the debugger to Unity.
5. Back in the Editor and open the scene "Watchtower_V3".
6. In the menu navigate to "WBSF -> Game -> Run".
7. Make sure the breakpoint hits and press "Continue". Verify that the Debugger is still attached, sometimes it detaches. If dettached, reattach.
8. Wait for the "Error" Dialog.
9. After seeing the error, press restart a few times.
10. Stop the player (debugger should stay attached).
11. In the menu navigate to "WBSF -> Game -> Run".
12. After the breakpoint was hit again, press "Continue".

Actual result:
Unity freezes.

Expected result:
Unity should not freeze.

If the issue is not reproducible, repeat the last three steps (10-12) several times.

Reproduced with:
5.3.5p3, 5.3.5p8, 5.3.6f1.

Cannot reproduce with:
5.1.5f1, 5.2.5f1 (because The type or namespace name `SceneManagement' does not exist in the namespace).
5.4.0f3 (because UnityEditor.BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles() is obsolete).
5.5.0a5 (after launching the project and agreeing to update the Scripting API the Editor freezes immediately).

Comments (3)

  1. 4ad8eefffdf658fcda6e433cfe6e8b89?d=mm


    Jul 27, 2019 03:48

    There must be some more editors that could lock issues like these. However, I am sure that there would be some other debuggers that can cause the main development of the code.

  2. D4d272956e776c8e8a25e392a90221f0?d=mm


    May 30, 2019 08:51

    Thanks for the information. In spite of the fact that it is an entirely straightforward case, I might want a repro venture. These debugger/breakpoint issues can be very sensitive to the particular IL code involved, so I need to make sure we can see the some thing very thing you are seeing. Please submit a bug report with this project.

  3. D79710bf4ecc2b5d12c9d41ff4609fed?d=mm


    Apr 01, 2019 11:44

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