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Crash when changing burst count property's value in Animation window

Visual Effects - Legacy


To reproduce:
1. Open my attached project, scene repro
2. In project window, click on Particle system
3. In Animator window, change the Particle System:Particle System Burst Count property to 10
4. Enter Play mode

Expected: Unity doesn't crash
Actual: Unity crashes

Reproduced in: 5.5.4p2, 5.6.1f1, 5.6.3f1, 2017.1.0p3, 2017.2.0b5, 2017.3.0a2

Note: Unity crashes when adding 10 or more bursts (if adding through Inspector window, 8 is maximum allowed bursts) or adding less than -1 (floats including)
Note: since version 2017.1.0a3 it only crashes when entering Play mode. On earlier versions, Unity crashes as soon as user starts inputting numbers to property
Note: last stack trace - StreamedBinaryWrite<0>::TransferSTLStyleArray<dynamic_array<KeyframeTpl<float>,4> >

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