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Crash on TransferField_NonArray when running a build

Package: Content Build Including SBP


EDIT: This feels like more of a Build Pipeline issue, if anything.  They mention in the steps that doing a build without Addressables doesn't cause the problem, but I think they're just doing a player build and not going through SBP.


Reproduction steps:
1. Open the user's attached project
2. Go to the 'Window -> Asset Management -> Addressables -> Groups'
3. 'Build -> New Build -> Default Build Script'
4. Close the Editor
5. Edit some scripts and add new files
6. Open the Editor
7. Repeat steps 2 and 3
8. Go to the 'File -> Build and Run'
9. Observe a crash

Reproducible with: 1.19.19 (2021.2.8f1)

- Removing the corrupted files mentioned in the crash log fixes the issue
- The crash doesn't occur when running a build without Addressables

Some lines of the stack trace:
0x00007FF631EA67D9 (Unity) TransferField_NonArray<StreamedBinaryRead,Converter_String>
0x00007FF631E22BA6 (Unity) ExecuteSerializationCommands<ConfigSettingsRead>
0x00007FF631EC9CB2 (Unity) Transfer_ManagedObject<StreamedBinaryRead,0>
0x00007FF631E22CC6 (Unity) ExecuteSerializationCommands<JSONRead>
0x00007FF631E3AEF8 (Unity) <lambda_580fa16bd23d18c3e466e7b58feca0a1>::operator()
0x00007FF631E35BA1 (Unity) TransferScriptingObject<StreamedBinaryRead>
0x00007FF631E3711C (Unity) SerializableManagedRefTransfer::TransferScriptingObjectWithSerializedRefSupport<StreamedBinaryRead>

  1. Resolution Note:

    The build team has reviewed the email thread and bug history, and it seems that there was a good chance it was a duplicate and that there are workarounds including rebuilding the Library folder. It seems unlikely that we would be able to come to a fix even with significant additional effort because the project is so large, bugs that happen on load are hard to track back to the original asset, and we have not been able to reproduce even with the project. If a more focused repro case can be create we would want to debug it. Based on the communication it is difficult in this case to narrow down, so we will close the ticket. Please open a new one if a more narrow reproduction case presents itself.

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