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Crash on memcpy when importing lightmaps after GI bake



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the “repro_IN-70450“ project
2. Open the “/Assets/Furious/Data/GoblinDungeon/Scenes/GoblinDungeon.unity“ Scene
3. Go to “Window → Rendering → Lighting”
4. In the opened window, press “Generate Lighting“
5. Wait for the process to finish

Expected result: The process finishes without any issues
Actual result: The Editor crashes while finishing up the process

Reproducible with: 2021.3.37f1, 2023.2.19f1, 6000.0.0b16
Couldn’t test with: 2022.3.24f1 (consistent crash on _SpriteRenderer::OnDeleteSprite_ while opening)

Reproducible on: Windows 10 (22H2)
Not reproducible on: No other environments tested

Note: The baking process lasts around 9 hours on RTX 4090 and around 12 (on 6000.0.0b16) to 18 (on 2021.3.37f1-2023.2.19f1) hours on RTX 3080

First few frames of the stack trace:
0x00007FFE238A7EE0 (Unity) memcpy
0x00007FFE20FA3F31 (Unity) CachedWriter::Write
0x00007FFE22599028 (Unity) LightingDataAsset::Transfer<StreamedBinaryWrite>
0x00007FFE21388FF5 (Unity) SerializedFile::WriteObject
0x00007FFE213757CE (Unity) PersistentManager::WriteFile

  1. Resolution Note:

    In cases where the Enligten Precompute data exceeds the size that can be serialized, report this to the user instead of crashing.

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