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[Asset Database V2] Crash on Exit after attempting to rename a folder

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I tried to rename a folder in Unity Editor, while using the Asset Database V2.
I got a pop-up dialogue saying that I'm not allowed to.

Afterwards, I tried to exit the editor and it crashed, thought the crash is intermittent.

To reproduce:
- download this project and open it in Unity Editor
- Try to rename the Plant 2 folder
- Every time i try to load this project myself, i get the pop-up saying:
" Moving Assets/Fantasy Foliage/Plant2 to Assets/FantasyFoliage/Mushroom: Access Denied"
- Sometimes, as I try to quit Unity after that, i get a crash, but it's intermittent.
- If i try to delete some of the folders in the project i cannot reproduce this issue.

Cannot reproduce when using Asset Database V1
Cannot reproduce in 2019.2.0a10, but that might be due to re-importing all the assets again.

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