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"Corrective" blend shapes

Graphics - General


Blend shapes in Unity seem to be only applied before skinned joint animation is applied. This means that while typical blend-shapes work fine, "Corrective" blend shapes do not.

A possible fix for this would be to allow Unity users to define whether blend shapes get applied before or after joint deformations. Applying the blendshape deltas after joint deformation should mimic the behavior of Maya's "Parallel" corrective blend shape features.

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  1. 5bc23a1494842ac47ef9d6edb782e24b?d=mm


    Apr 22, 2018 17:55

    Corrective blendshape editor or something that works like set driven keys would be good... Something that can be inserted and controlled within unity

  2. 7fbc1235a0e5000d665888f56287b251?d=mm


    Aug 31, 2016 20:50

    So, does it means that corrective shapes should be done first, before starting to create blend shapes, to the face for example?

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