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Confusing comment in Vulkan native plugin documentation - IUnityGraphicsVulkan.h



In the IUnityGraphicsVulkan.h file, which provides the interface for creating Vulkan native plugins with Unity, there is a confusing comment relating to the kUnityVulkanRenderPass_EnsureInside enum value at line 96.

To further clarify the issue, consider the official Unity Vulkan native plugin example here:

On line 499 of this file, the native plugin event is configured to use kUnityVulkanRenderPass_EnsureInside.

The rendering function RenderAPI_Vulkan::DrawSimpleTriangles starting on line 637 submits a draw call to the command buffer, but it does not start a new render pass. It accesses the render pass provided by Unity in UnityVulkanRecordingState. Therefore, it's clear that UnityVulkanRecordingState::renderPass is non-null in this function, which would imply that a render pass is currently in progress. That is contrary to what the documentation seems to be saying.

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