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Configuration button opens a pop up menu not the configuration menu

Package: Visual Scripting


I feel this is a little redundant. Could we,
* Change the configuration button to be named Bolt Preferences.
* Can the button open the preferences menu?

If the above is not possible I think we should remove it from the Bolt Wizard.

Steps to reproduce
- Install Bolt 1.
- Go through the Bolt set up Wizard.
- On the Bolt was successfully set up screen, click the Configuration button.
Notice issue >> The configuration menu is not opened. A pop up appears instead tell you where to go.
- Clicking 'OK' will close both the pop up and the bolt 'set up complete' screen

Note: This also happens if you go to the Tools Menu > Configuration.

Tested: Unity 2019.4.8f1, Bolt 1.4.12, macOS, and windows

  1. Resolution Note:

    Will be obsolete with the intended UX changes outlined in BOLT-1025

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