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Changing Shader Hardware Tier through Graphics Emulation affects reflection probes



Repro Steps:

1. In attached project, open ShaderQualitySettings scene.
2. Emulate to another Shader Hardware Tier
3. Notice an unexpected change of colour in all reflection (at times it's much brighter, sometimes it's black, in rare cases it shows pixelated artefacts)

Expected behaviour: reflection probes to update and display correctly when changing tiers.

- this happens both when playing and in edit mode, unless probes are set to refresh every frame, in which case it happens only in edit mode.
- switching the architecture in build between Mac x86 to x86_64 tends to display the black reflection probe issue
- turning reflection probes on and off (or sometimes moving them) seems to refresh them.
- Not a regression: hardware tiers are a new feature

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