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Cannot delete spawned objects in ARDemoScene in XR Device Simulator

Package: XR Interaction Toolkit


*Steps to reproduce:*

1. Create a new 3D project with Unity 6000.0b11.

2. Use Package Manager to add XRIT 3.0.0-pre.1 and ARF 6.0.0-pre.7.

3. Use Pack Man to add three XRIT samples: Starter Assets, AR Starter Assets, XR Device Simulator. 

4. Open ARDemoScene and add XR Device Simulator prefab (see package docs). Save scene.

5. Project Settings > XR Plugin Management > Desktop > enable only XR Simulation.

6. Enter Play mode.  Left-mouse-drag to look around, until planes are detected.

7. Press T so you can move the mouse without moving detected planes (a known bug).

8. Click on a detected plane to spawn a cube.

9. Click the cube to select it.  The Create button becomes the Delete button (trash can icon).

10. Click the Delete button.

*Actual results:* 

The cube deselects but does not vanish.

*Expected results:* 

The cube should have been deleted.

*Reproducible with versions:* 

Unity 6000.0bll on Windows 10 Intel.

Unity 2023.3.0b10 on Windows 11 ARM64 (via Parallels on M1 Mac Mini).


*Not reproducible with versions:* 

*Can’t test with versions:* 

*Tested on (OS):* 

Windows; see above.


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