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Camera Depth is ignored when setting both cameras Viewport other than (0;0;1;1)



To reproduce:
1. Open attached project;
2. Open "Scene" scene;
3. Click on the "FrontCamera" and set the Viewport to (0;0;1;1)
-notice the Depth is set to 2;
4. Click on the "MidleCamera" and set the Viewport other than (0;0;1;1)
-notice the Depth is set to 1.

Expected result: the Sphere should be in front of the Cube.
Actual result: the Cube is in front of the Sphere unless both cameras Viewport is set to (0;0;1;1).

Reproduced on versions: 5.6.0b1, 5.6.0b9, 2017.1.0a2.
Not reproduced on version: 5.5.2p1.
Regression found in version: 5.6.0b1.

Comments (22)

  1. Jays2Kings

    Apr 03, 2017 18:13

    Can confirm also not fixed as of 5.6.0f3

  2. invadererik

    Apr 02, 2017 01:07

    Same issue is still present in 5.6.0f3 ! THIS IS NOT FIXED.

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