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Built-in unlit particle shader has HDR color selection for albedo, URP unlit particles do not

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline Universal


To reproduce:
1. Open any project;
2. In Graphics settings, set Render pipeline asset to none;
3. Create a Particle system, assign a new Material with Standard Unlit shader;
- notice that its Albedo has HDR values
4. Upgrade this material to URP using material upgrader.

Result: When upgrading using material upgrader, the HDR color values are actually preserved but cannot be edited as that would override them as non-HDR. The inspector is confused and shows incorrect color.

Note: Having HDR albedo is used extensively in the unity particles pack as a way to control emission from a particle system

Reproduced on: 7.5.1, 8.2.0, 10.0.0-preview.26

  1. Resolution Note:

    We created a JIRA card for this issue.

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