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Book of the dead: Environment crashes on GfxDeviceD3D11Base::DrawBuffersBatchMode when entering Play Mode in Windows 7

Graphics - General


Hwo to reproduce:
1. Download and open attached project "BotD"
2. In open About window click button "Load Book of the dead: Environment"
3. Enter Play Mode

Expected result: Unity does not crash
Actual result: Unity crashes

Reproduced with: 2018.1.9f2, 2018.2.5f1
Could not test with older versions since Book of the Dead came out with 2018.1, also 2018.3 has code compilation errors

Note: the issue only reproduces with Windows 7

Update: fixed in 2018.3.0a11 and backported to version 2018.2.10f1

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  8. MatriXz

    Aug 10, 2019 08:43

    Hi, i managed to fix my code without testing first. So i could run it. The issue was that the vertex count was lower than the triangle count, and that seemed to create some kind of endless loop or deadlock of some kind that killed Unity editor on my machine.
    As soon as the counts were the same, the game runs smoothly without issue.
    Also i took the code out of the Coroutine, so it does not lag behind the main thread. But i suspect this did not have any issue..

    What bothers me is that you could not reproduce the crash on win 10. Its amazing how much an old machine can do for your experience.

    Can i suggest that you develope a "emergency exit playmode" button, so even if theres an unintended deadlock or endless loop, the developer kan prematurely stop playmode, without needing to click the button. because if the editor freezes up because of bad user code, then there should be a way to stop runtime.
    Makes sence?

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