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AssetDatabase.GetDependencies returns unused texture



To reproduce:
1. Open attached example project (Assets/scene.scene).
2. Select "Assets/material" in the project.
3. Notice the material is using a Diffuse shader that references "Assets/texture_green.png".
4. Execute from the main menu "BugReport > AssetDatabase.GetDependencies (broken)"
5. Observe that the is outputs to the Console window that the material is using texture_red.png, even so it does not use texture_red.png.

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    Resolution Note:

    Note that this function returns all assets that are referenced by the input asset; these references are not necessarily required during the build process.

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    Jun 29, 2019 23:43

    This is an insult to the developer who took the time to report this, and the community deserves a much better explanation as to why this is happening if it is to be marked as "By Design." The smug response in the resolution note proudly avoids explaining why the texture is being referenced by the material (something the community clearly thinks isn't the case) and discourages future bug reporting and interaction with the site. Bad design happens when the expected action and the resulting behaviour deviate.

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