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Assertion '(srcInfo.GetChannelMask() & copyChannels)==copyChannels' after marking mesh without lightmaps UVs as lightmap static

Progressive Lightmapper


Steps to repro:

1. Open attached project and 't1' scene;
2. Drag prefab 'Cube_3-materials' (having no lightmap UVs) from the Project folder to the Hierarchy;
3. In the Inspector mark 'Cube_3-materials' gameobject as 'Static'.

Actual result:
Assertion '(srcInfo.GetChannelMask() & copyChannels)==copyChannels' is thrown. See attached video.
Regression introduced in Unity 2018.1.0a1.

Expected result:
No assertion are thrown after marking gameobject with mesh having no lightmap UVs as static.

- Reproducible in 2018.2.0b1, 2018.1.0f1, 2018.1.0a1;
- Not reproducible in 2017.4.1f1, 2017.2.2p4 .
- Reproducible only for mesh having no lightmap UVs; not reprorducible if lightmap UVs have been generated automatically for the mesh.

Comments (2)

  1. ahmed-yehia

    Sep 28, 2018 21:55

    I'm facing this issue, worked around using 'Auto Generate Lightmaps UV' in the import settings, But I'm facing NavMesh causing Unity to crash when trying to Bake the models. Do the two bugs relate?

    Version 2018.2.1f1

  2. marten_unity753

    Aug 07, 2018 13:10

    Still present in 2018.2.2f1

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