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[macOS] GameKit reference in the application when Game Center is not used, App Store rejects the build



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project.
2. Build it as macOS Standalone.
3. Navigate to the "" location using Terminal.
4. Input this command (Don't forget to rename the 'AppName' ):
grep -r -i -c "gamekit" ""
5. Check the output:

Actual behavior:
- There will be more than 0 references (More than 0 'example:1').

Expected behavior:
- 0 references (Every line says 'example:0').

Reproduced with:
macOS Standalone, iOS
2018.2.0b1, 2018.2.13f1, 2018.3.0b6, 2019.1.0a4

Comments (17)

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  4. mercygaleria

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  5. jason_yak

    Dec 18, 2018 23:41

    This issue is not fixed. I've just been rejected using 2018.2.19. Trying out using the MachOView hack. Isn't it about time the mac app store was treated as a legitimate platform? At the very least can Unity please please add the option to export to an xcode project just like the export to project option you offer for Android and iOS? The current delivery process for mac apps is terrible, meanwhile Apple are making great strides in growing the platform. These kinds of hacks are just silly.

  6. rafgra

    Dec 12, 2018 13:21

    UGUR is right. optool fix didn't worked for me also. However, his workaround ( made my app accepted. Note, that I used different values, because I didn't have Webkit listed.

    I can't understand why this is not fixed yet.

  7. ugur

    Dec 09, 2018 20:13

    to all who have this issue, too: so the optool fix did not work for me (lead to the app not launching anymore afterwards), what worked for me (app passed review fine) was this workaround:

  8. ugur

    Dec 09, 2018 20:13

    to all who have this issue, too: so the optool fix did not work for me (lead to the app not launching anymore afterwards), what worked for me (app passed review fine) was this workaround:

  9. Oscar-Tsang

    Dec 09, 2018 09:21

    Fixed in Unity 2019.1?

    Unity 2018.3 still haven't release yet! DO you mean unity 2018 is useless on macOS?

  10. ugur

    Dec 07, 2018 21:07

    @VAIDAS_BUDRYS: when i try to strip gamekit using optool as you said, afterwards the app crashes on launch attempt with error
    Symbol not found: _CGSizeZero

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