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Animation Window Stalls due to Garbage Collection when animation has a large number of keys



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open the attached project.
2. Open the 'Profiler' window.
3. In the 'Profiler' window press 'Profile Editor' and 'Record'.
4. Select 'Wolf" game object in the 'Hierarchy' window.
5. Double click on any part of the game object.
6. Move the control points.

User uses a script which creates points on the character and you can modify them with animation, the main issue is, that the user uses a large amount of control points to modify animation and it consumes a huge amount of memory and it makes Unity freeze for like 5 seconds.

I am attaching screenshots to see what it looks like from my perspective in the 'Profiler' window.

Reproduced on:
5.4.0b23, 5.4.0b22, 5.4.0b21, 5.4.0b19, 5.3.5f1

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