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Animation Transform rotation does not reset when leaving Record mode in mecanim



Reproduction steps:(Gif attached)
1) Open users attached project, proceed to "Scene" scene.
2) Select "Cube" object, and open animation window.
3) Make sure that Rotation Interpolation is set to Euler angles.
4) Slide animation slider in order to enter record mode and also to change rotation of an object.
5) Click on Record(Red dot) button to stop recording.

Expected behavior: Cubes transform rotation resets to default value as did position and scale.

Actual result: Cubes transform position and scale reset their values to default but rotation is either messed up ( goes from -180 to -360) or values from animation are inherited.

Note: Changing rotation interpolation to Euler angles(Quaternion approximation) or Quaternion resets values as they should.

Reproduced with: 5.3.0b1, 5.3.1p2, 5.4.0b1

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