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[Animation] event UI is different according to if an object is selected or if animation is opened directly



Steps to repro:
1. open project with animations
2. open window > general > animation
3. in hierarchy, select an animated game object
4. in animation window, select an animation from the dropdown
5. select an animation event (or add a new one)
6. check inspector, observe the UI shows a dropdown "Function: (No function selected)"
7. in project view, select animation asset
8. in animation window, select the same event
9. observe UI in inspector is different (as pictured in docs: )

Expected: Animation event can only be accessed with correct UI, when accessed via game-object
Actual: animation event can be accessed via asset resulting in confusing UI, and docs shows this broken UI

repro: 2019.3.15f1

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    Resolution Note:

    Even if confusing, the UI without object is necessary. Feedback or discussion can be had on #devs-animation

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