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[Android] Caret is always at the beginning of existing text when selecting InputField with Line Type set to Multi Line



To reproduce:

1. Download and open attached "" project.
2. Build and run on any android device.
3. When application loads, select Input field located in the middle or lower right of the screen.
4. Notice that the Caret is located at the beginning of the text.

Expected result: Caret is at the end of the existing text when Input field is selected.
Actual result: Caret is set to be at the beginning of the existing text when Input field is selected.

Reproduced with: 2018.1.0a3, 2017.3.0b8, 2017.2.0p1, 2017.1.2p3, 5.6.4p2, 5.5.5p1.

Devices Under Test:

Lge LG D802 (G2)*, OS:4.4.2, CPU:armeabi-v7a, GPU:Adreno (TM) 330,

Sony C6603 (Xperia Z)*, OS:5.1.1, CPU:armeabi-v7a, GPU:Adreno (TM) 320,

Samsung SM G950F*, OS:7.0, CPU:arm64-v8a, GPU:Mali-G71,

Notes: Did not reproduce on Standalone and iOS builds. Select Input field located in top left for reference how it should work. That Input field is configured to Single Line. Input fields located in the middle or lower right of the screen have the following line types : Multi Line Submit and Multi Line Newline.
Fixed in 2018.1

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