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[Android] Blit Type "Auto" or "Never" causes Android to show black scene




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 2No workaround

To reproduce:

1. Download attached project "" and open in Unity
2. Open "SampleScene" scene
3. Set Android platform
4. Go to Player Settings > Resolution and Presentation and set Blit Type to "Auto" or "Never"
5. Run logcat
6. Build and run the project on an Android device
7. Observe that Build shows a black screen and there is no Unity splash screen

- Logcat is shared in the comments section
- This issue is reproducible only on Android devices
- This issue is not reproducible in iOS devices
- This issue is not reproducible in Windows and OSX Standalones
- This issue is not reproduced in Editor
- Workaround: Switching to Blit Type to "Always" fixes the problem.

- Samsung Galaxy S9, OS: 8.0.0, CPU: arm64-v8a, GPU: Mali-G72 - Reproduced
- Google Pixel 2, OS: 8.1.0, CPU: arm64-v8a, GPU: Adreno (TM) 540 - Reproduced
- iPhone 7, iOS: 11.2.6, CPU: A10 - Not Reproduced

Reproduced on Unity 2018.1.6f1, 2018.1.7f1 and 2018.2.0b10 and 2018.3.0a3
Not reproduced on Unity 2018.1.5f1
Regression on Unity 2018.1.6f1

Comments (1)

  1. 7aa4f6cf31b375017223dcc47a206af0?d=mm


    Jul 19, 2018 15:49

    Leaving a comment incase anyone else encounters the form of this issue where the game is transparent rather than black as what happened in my case.

    It caused the app to just not render rather than render black making the last frame of whatever was on the screen as you launched or switched to the app just appear frozen on the screen. (However the app can still be used as normal, it's just that you can't see anything)

    Issue happened on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and switching Blit Type to "Always" fixed the issue.

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