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Analytics 3.1.1 - There is no link to the changelog in the Package Manager window

Package: Analytics


If you view Analytics version 3.1.1 in the Package Manager, no link to the changelog is included. This contravenes Package Validation Guideline 2.2, "The package must contain an up to date changelog".

Note that you can access the changelog via the project browser, but this is not sufficient for Verified packages. The changelog must be accessible via the Package Manager UI.

1. Install Unity 2018.3+
2. Create a new project with any settings
3. Add Analytics version 3.1.1 to the project (The attached project already contains this)
4. Open Package Manger
5. Select the Analytics package and view the details

Expected Result:
The Detail View contains a link to the changelog.

Actual Result:
No link the changelog is present.

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  1. hassanahmed86e3

    Aug 23, 2020 05:31

  2. hassanahmed86e3

    Aug 23, 2020 05:31

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