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[Addressables] Groups build fail when a custom built path is used for an Addressable Group

Package: Addressables


How to reproduce:
1. Open the user’s attached “AddressablesTestProject” project
2. Reimport the “Assets → TestRecompileScript” in the Project Browser
3. Open the “Window → Asset Management → Addressables → Groups” window in the menu
4. Initialise a new “Default Build Script” Addressables build

Expected result: Addressables are successfully built
Actual result: Errors are thrown in the Console log and the information bar is irrevocably freezed

Reproducible with: 1.19.19 (2020.3.44f1, 2021.3.17f1), 1.21.2 (2022.2.3f1, 2023.1.0a26)
Not reproducible with: 1.19.18 (2020.3.44f1)

Reproduced on: macOS 13.0 (Intel), macOS 12.7 (M1)

Thrown errors:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Addressable content build failure (duration : 0:00:00)

At some point of testing, after upgrading and downgrading the Package, the issue becomes not reproducible. Cleaning caches or deleting Library didn’t restore to the problem’s state. The only way to reproduce it again was to re-download the project

Comments (2)

  1. Noah_Goyette

    Jun 30, 2023 17:18

    After looking into a more, it appears that the issue for me happens because, for some reason after recompiling, the profiles in the project maintain a null parent, and this leads to the errors from my previous comment.
    The variable is AddressableAssetProfileSettings.m_ProfileParent

    When group build is made before recompile:
    - currentProfile.m_ProfileParent = {UnityEditor.AddressableAssets.Settings.AddressableAssetProfileSettings}
    When group build is made before recompile:
    - currentProfile.m_ProfileParent = null

  2. Noah_Goyette

    Jun 29, 2023 21:26

    I appear to be getting the same bug in Windows 2022.3.2

    It appears that the issue is occurring at:

    1. In BuildScriptPackedMode.cs
    - ProcessBundledAssetSchema(BundledAssetGroupSchema schema,AddressableAssetGroup assetGroup,AddressableAssetsBuildContext aaContext)
    - The error starts here:
    - var errorStr = ErrorCheckBundleSettings(schema, assetGroup, aaContext.Settings);

    2. In ErrorCheckBundleSettings():
    - This function sets two strings, buildPath and loadPath, with GetValueByID() from AddressableAssetProfileSettings.cs.
    - This calls GetValueById(string variableId). In this final method, the custom variableId is not listed among the possible values, so it fails the search and throws an error.

    For me, I am able to resolve the issue temporality by restarting the application.

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