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Additive layer in Animator window on humanoid rig type cause avatar hips to be placed at around 0,0,0



To reproduce:
1. Open users attached project "New Unity"
2. Open "test.unity" scene
3. Enter play mode
4. Select "human_male" game object from the hierarchy
5. In the animator window edit weight value from 1 to 0 of animator layer named "ADJUST MY STRENGTH TO SEE BUG"
6. Observe in the game view as the game object starts rising

Expected result: game object stays in the same height while having two animator layers
Actual result: game object gets lowered if there are to animator layers with weight 1

Reproduced on: 2017.1.0a2 2017.1.0b7 2017.2.0a1

Not reproduced on: 5.6.1f1 5.6.1p1 5.6.1p2

Regression introduced on: 2017.1.0a1

Notes: if you change second layers Blending type from additive to override, game object position does not change while adjusting weight value

Comments (2)

  1. CodeBison

    Jul 01, 2017 23:53

    Definitely not fixed in 2017.1f1.

  2. EiknarF

    Jun 22, 2017 09:51

    What does this mean Fixed in Unity 2017.1? I have 2017.1.0b10 and its not fixed there

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