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4.3b1 doesn't auto-generate solution files when opening C# scripts in OSX

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Operating System:
OSX 10.8.4

Unity pro 4.3b1

Steps to duplicate:
1. Open Unity in OSX
2. Create a new project (parameters don't seem to make a difference, bug happens regardless)
3. Create an empty game object in the scene
4. Add a script to empty game object
5. Open script -> MonoDevelop launches
6. in terminal browse to project directory

Expected Result:
Solution files are generated and visible in project directory

Actual Result:
No solution files are generated.

The project in OSX compiles, however autocomplete in MonoDevelop does not function for Unity specific classes.

This bug is also duplicated on projects which were created in 4.2. I have validated the 4.2 project autogenerates project files. I have also validated the 4.2 folder contains solution files. These solution files are not visible in the 4.3b1 version of mono-develop.

This bug is not present in windows 7 x64 unity build 4.3b1.

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