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[2D] Tiles overlap each other when moving mouse while Tile Palette option "Move selection with active brush" is selected



How to reproduce:
1. Open attached "case1280833" and scene "SampleScene"
2. In the upper left menu bar select Window -> 2D -> Tile Palette
3. In the Tile Palette window select the "Move selection with active brush" option
4. In the Tile Palette window select black tile
5. In the Scene window move mouse around already drawn tiles

Expected behavior: Tiles does not overlap each other when moving the mouse with other selected tiles
Actual behavior: Tiles overlap each other when moving the mouse with other selected tiles

Reproducible with: 2018.4.28f1, 2019.4.13f1, 2020.1.11f1, 2020.2.0b9, 2021.1.0a2

  1. Resolution Note:

    When the TilemapRenderer is in Chunk Mode, for the TilemapRenderer to sort properly, the Sprites used should belong to the same texture or be atlassed using the Sprite Atlas. This is due to the TilemapRenderer batching Sprites with the same texture for performance reasons, which will invalidate sorting. You can find more about this in the Tilemap manual here: .

    If that is not possible, the TilemapRenderer can be set to Individual Mode. Additional configuration may be required, such as the custom axis sort and the Grid Cell Size settings. A Z value can be set for the Grid Cell Size setting (eg. 1). The Camera will need to be sorted based on the Z distance of the Tiles. If necessary, users can set the custom axis sort to sort based on the Z axis, as well as any other sorting criteria required (eg. sorting from top to bottom of the screen). This can be found at

Comments (1)

  1. Frog556fb2

    Oct 29, 2020 05:38

    The overlapping also occurs when any tile is placed or removed with scripts during playmode (this is the main problem of this bug).
    It seems that only tiles whose sprites are from different textures are overlapping

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