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[2D] Changing the X and Y positions of a sliced sprite in the Sprite Editor produces inconsistent results



A gif is attached to demonstrate (also attached gif of how this looks in 2017.3.1.p4 - it behaves slightly differently)

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open a project containing sprite (or use the one attached)
2) On a sliced sprite, open up the Sprite Editor
3) Click one of the slices to bring up the Sprite Settings box
4) Change the position values
5) If X or Y is changed to something bigger than the size of the sprite, it defaults to the max value (easier to see in the gif)
6) After changing it to something large, trying to type in a smaller number, or the original number, still sets the value to the max value and the width/height is 0 (even though the number in the Settings box shows otherwise)

Expected Result:
The width should not change

In the attached gif, notice how the blue box stays at width 0 even though the width in the setting box shows 166

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