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2:30 minute delays when loading culling performance Scene



How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project "Tree_perf__HDRP"
2. Open the Scene "TEST_SCENE"

Expected result: There is no Hold on pop-up window, Scene loads instantly
Actual result: A pop-up window Hold on (busy for xxxxx) SceneView.OnGUI.repaint message appears and then dissapears after 2-4 minutes

Reproducible with: 2020.2.0b3

- Wait times of ~2:30 (when Editor UI is unresponsive) are observed while the Scene is loading during scenarios such as: initially opening the project as the Scene view is being loaded or rendered, terrain object being removed and then added back in with undo, Profiler window not being opened
- During wait, computer resources (CPU, memory, disk) are not heavily used
- When issue was originally observed (also using trunk editor 0b3), waits were persistent through editor usage when default profile modules were selected. After removing profile modules except for CPU usage on later repro, wait only seems to occur first time moving from scene > game view

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2021.1):

    Fixed in 2021.1.0a3

Comments (2)

  1. Recon03

    Nov 08, 2020 03:11

    I see the same as Ryan on that version..

  2. Ryan-Hayle

    Nov 07, 2020 22:33

    Issue ID: 1276854 - This issue has still not been resolved, please reopen it and fix it ASAP.
    You stated that the above issue is fixed in Unity 2019.4.14f1, however issue ID 1276854 is still broken.

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