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[HDRP][XR] Editor crash entering play mode with terrain in the scene



Editor is crashing when trying to enter play mode with terrain in view. This appears to only happen with XR + HDRP + Multi Pass, single pass doesn't reproduce the crash 


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How to reproduce:
# Create a new project with 3D HDRP template
# Go to Player Settings and enable VR support
# Add the Open XR package in the Package manager 
## Enable OpenXR -> Mock Runtime
# In the Hierarchy create a new Terrain
## Paint some terrain on the asset in view of the camera view
# Enter the Play Mode

Note: The crash appears to be caused by the Camera. Disabling the main camera in the scene stops the crash from happening

_*Attaching min repo project*_

  1. Resolution Note:

    There are no fixes planned for this Bug

  2. Resolution Note (2023.3.X):

    Upon investigation, we found this issue is related to a corner case of double culling using the same camera.
    The root issue is the compatibility issue wrt IntermediateRenderer(per camera instanceID) dynamic array grow/resize and the HDRP XR multipass culling pattern.

    Added warning message in HDRP to detect this incompatibility issue and fixed the crash. After the fix, multipass with multicull won't render when terrain is active.

    Workaround for HDRP XR terrain is to use single pass XR or switch to a provider that support single cull.

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