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[WSA] losing references inside prefabs

Related forum thread:

Reproducible on 4.5, 4.6 and 5.0 versions;

Repro steps:
1. open project "prefab". Also, Unity package is available in the mentioned forum thread;
2. build to WSA;
3. build and run generated VS solution;
4. Press "W" key, texture appears;
5. Now press "Enter" key two times (scenes switches);
6. Press "W" key, texture doesn't appear (null reference);

Repeat 4-6 steps to observe the behavior. Every second load of the first scene, texture loads normally;


This is by design. Windows Store and Windows Phone apps must keep references to MonoBehaviours and ScriptableObjects directly. To catch this error pass -enableWarningsIncorrectlyUnloadedAssets command line option (works on WSA but not WP8). Then you'll get a list of objects you need to fix.

Comments (2)

  1. 72d3f9f81e72ed86c0b37c7c3449f8bb?d=mm


    Oct 23, 2018 08:07


    I have a similar issue on v 2018.3.0b5 but here is about through Unity Collab.

    I have a prefab gameobject containing a script with references to others prefab (prefab child derived from a base prefab)

    Any time I send modifications on the project, my partner always loose references of the child prefabs in the script. (NullReference Exception)

  2. 01a2ab5a7831e0e4a110c712f4508180?d=mm

    Jun 29, 2016 01:37

    Didn't repro on 5.3.4p1.

    I hit similar issue on 5.3.4p1 so I tried the repro to check if my issue is this one or not. Seems my issue is different one.

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