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[IMPORTANT][WP8] Prefab references lost when reloading scene



Loading a scene might lead to prefab reference loss on WP8.

The project included has two scenes - a level select scene and a gameplay scene. The level select scene simply loads the gameplay scene after a button press. The gameplay scene sets the background sprite to a prefab sprite. It also reloads itself every second (Application.LoadLevel()).

To reproduce the issue:
1. Open up the strippedRepro project
2. Build & run for WP8, development build
3. Once deployed, press the button "[1]", it loads up the 2nd level
4. The level sets the baground to a blue wallpaper. It also prints out debug.errors on scene reload. Everything works fine, no references are lost so far.
5. Press the "back" button on the Phone, it loads up the previous scene
6. Press the "[1]" button again
7. The background disappears as it's being set to null since the prefab lost it's reference to the sprite

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