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[WSA] Win Store Apps C++ XAML project doesn't overwrite editor's plugin with Store Apps plugin

Windows Store Apps


Win Store Apps XAML C++ project has wrong pre-build script for plugins.

First script line is:
copy /Y "$(ProjectDir)\Plugins\Metro\$(PlatformName)\MyPlugin.dll" "$(ProjectDir)MyPlugin.dll"

In C# project "PlatformName" is resolved to x86 and ARM. These directory names match documentation and native plugins example. However, for C++ project "PlatformName" take values Win32 and ARM, therefore script is looking for WSA specific plugin in Win32 directory instead of x86.

Repro steps:
1. Create an empty project;
2. Add text file named "MyPlugin.dll" to Plugins directory.
Edit text file and set its content to "Editor";
3. Add text file named MyPlugin.dll to Plugins/WSA/x86 directory;
Edit text file and set its content to "WSA x86".
4. Generate C++ XAML solution for WSA 8.1;
5. Open generated solution and build. Examine content of MyPlugin.dll file. It should contain "WSA x86" string but instead it has "Editor";

Reproducible on 4.5.2f1, 4.5.4p3;

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